Are you a moderator or member of a group working to promote online dialogue – but instead find yourself combating misinformation and toxic speech? Are you a researcher developing insights and testing innovations on how to cultivate and protect public discourse online – and hope to collaborate with communities?

On December 8th-10th, CAT Lab, CITAP & Civic Signals will bring together community members and researchers to take stock of the public sphere post Election 2020, identify pressing challenges and questions, and workshop collaborative research projects aimed at building flourishing spaces online. The summit will focus in particular on identifying and testing innovations for change in three areas: decreasing misinformation, protecting against toxic speech and fostering public dialogue

If you are an active member of an online community (moderator or organizer) or a researcher whose work informs how to preserve and cultivate public discourse online, we encourage you to attend. Join us for a panel discussion on the state of the public sphere post-2020 election and lightning talks on successful collaborative research projects. For those who want to dig in deeper, apply to participate in one or more workshop where we will connect community members and researchers around shared goals and challenges and facilitate conversations toward building collaborations. Read more details about the event here.

RSVP to attend the opening session and apply to participate in a workshop.