Hi! My name is Elizabeth Eagen (@eleag), and I’m excited to join the Citizens and Technology Lab in Fall 2021 as the Deputy Director.  

For the last ten years, I’ve been focused on how to make it easier for technologists and organizations to work together as equal partners to advance human rights. I believe in the value of diverse experience and love the process of bringing different skills, values, and expertise together. As the new Deputy Director of CAT Lab, I’ll be working on our strategy and scaling our organization’s growth. I’ll be collaborating with experts and partners on our research, practice, and methodologies, and building out our abilities to take on new opportunities.

I think an exciting challenge for our community is to help create an enabling and inclusive environment where everyone can participate in the design, political, and social spaces of technology and data. Before coming to CAT Lab, I worked as a grantmaker for the Open Society Foundations, supporting organizations and individuals working in the field of emerging technology for evidence and advocacy, working with grantees from around the world on accountability and human rights. Together we sought to develop the most practical and equitable ways in which to use technology and data, prioritized the agency of the people whose data was collected, and used and put in place responsible standards to make progress and insights gained with technology and data replicable and renewable for civil society.

I’m looking forward to working together!