As technology platforms have become integrated into the daily lives of billions of people, they have found themselves taking responsibility for the behaviors that those platforms mediate. A new organization has formed to support the teams that manage and implement platforms policies, who have become known as Trust and Safety Professionals.

This year, the Trust and Safety Professional Association is hosting the first ever TrustCon, a “global conference dedicated to trust and safety professionals.” At CAT Lab, where we organize the public in industry-independent to study the impact of platforms on society and test ideas for change, we often interact with Trust and Safety Teams. That’s why we’re excited to attend TrustCon to learn more about how this new field of professionals is imagining their work.

CAT Lab team members Sarah Gilbert and J. Nathan Matias are on hand to liveblog as many of the public sessions as we can. We’ll link to those posts here as they go live.

Tuesday, Sept 27