A lot can be (and has been) said about the state of the current academic job market. In this Big Tent, Dr. Aparajita Bhandari, Assistant Professor in the Department of English at the University of Waterloo and formerly a PhD student in the Cornell Communication Department, led a frank and informative conversation about navigating the turbulent minefield that is finding an academic job. This session primarily centered around finding and applying for professor/postdoc jobs in the areas of communication/media studies/information science within North America with brief discussion of alt academic positions. This session especially focussed on the hurdles and complexities faced by marginalized scholars during the academic job market and discussed how to set realistic expectations amidst so many uncertainties.

Agenda for the discussion:

  1. Overview of timelines and creating materials
  2. Building your academic brand
  3. Sharing successes (or maybe horror stories!) and tips for interviewing
  4. Realities of navigating burnout, rejection and stress
  5. Community tips and discussion