At CAT Lab, we host regular meetings for the broader community of students, staff, and faculty collaborators we work with. These meetings are drop-in events to share your ideas, keep learning, and collectively discuss with peers. This is a no-commitment space—we want to hear ideas and talk them through, at any stage of a question, idea or project.

The objective of the big tent CAT community meeting is to speak with the broader spectrum of people aligned with or overlapping with CAT Lab. It’s a place to float an idea, share a question or something we’ve noticed, and work with colleagues to reflect on questions and issues that are coming up in our work on equity, technology, data, research, and digital life. The meeting’s flow is very light: each meeting starts with an idea (with or without pre-reading) and we all reflect on it! Programming is mutually decided by participants.  

Meeting mechanics: Everyone who’s actively involved in some way in a CAT Lab project is invited, and facilitation rotates. Participation in the meeting is often associated with access to a #catlab channel in our internal chat network. The host can either self-facilitate, or ask a colleague.

We typically meet once every two weeks, but may meet more often if there is demand. We also follow Cornell’s academic schedule and break for breaks. Meetings last an hour. For the Spring 2024 semester, our meeting slot is on Friday from 2:30-3:30 ET.

Spring 2024 Schedule

DatePresenterTopic Type
02-09-2024Sarah GilbertWelcome Back!Meta discussion
02-23-2024Aparajita BhandariNavigating the academic job market Professional development
03-01-2024William FreySelf-Identifying white
allies applying to r/BlackPeopleTwitter
as verified users
Project feedback
03-08-2024Amanda VilchezEthics in the Making: Changing
practices in Data Science
Project feedback
03-22-2024Elizabeth EaganWriting a successful grantProfessional development
04-12-2024Lucas Wright,
Gonzales &
Sarah Gilbert
Freedom of speech on campusDEI
04-19-2024Kowe KadomaQuality-Of-Service Harms within Large Language ModelsProject feedback
04-26-2024Bya Rodrigues Algorithmic Misogyny – Anti-colonial Resistances in Platformized EconomiesProject feedback
05-10-2024Sarah GilbertTowards Intersectional Moderation: Accounting for Power with Care Talk feedback
05-24-2024Guest Speakertbd

Past Big Tent Topics