During the COVID-19 pandemic, the Citizens and Technology Lab and our team members have developed several projects to support public health research and action.

The COVID-19 Algotracker is a dashboard that monitors COVID-19 content being promoted by reddit’s algorithms in real-time.

Since 2016, CAT Lab has taken ongoing snapshots of reddit’s algorithms every 2-3 minutes. We created this dashboard to inform the design of our collaborations with reddit communities on COVID-19 public health research. We have made the dashboard, data, and code public for researchers and practitioners who study the role of algorithms in society.

The COVID-19 Science Communication Tip-Sheet (pdf) (png) offers five evidence-based techniques for sharing scientific evidence with family, friends, and community online. We created the tip-sheet in collaboration with the r/science community, which organizes over a thousand moderators to convene conversations about science with their 24 million subscribers.

The COVID-19 Social Science Research Tracker, a collaboration between J. Nathan Matias and Alex Leavitt, is an international collaboration that aggregates information about active social science projects related to the pandemic.