We seek to enable anyone to engage critically with the tech tools and platforms they use, ask questions, and get answers. Working hand-in-hand with diverse communities and organizations around the world, we identify issues of shared concern (“effects”) related to digital discourse, digital rights and consumer protection.

If you are interested to collaborate, please contact our research manager Sarah Gilbert at sarah.gilbert at civilservant dot org

In recent years, we have collaborated with online communities and organizations including:

  • Online Communities:
    • On Wikipedia:
      • Arabic Wikipedia
      • French Wikipedia
      • German Wikipedia
      • Persian Wikipedia
      • Polish Wikipedia
      • WikiLovesAfrica
    • On reddit:
      • r/science
      • r/politics
      • r/worldnews
      • (more to be announced soon)
  • Individual volunteers:
    • On Twitter:
      • Women who have received harassing tweets
      • People whose content has been taken down by content moderation
    • Facebook users
    • Smartphone users
  • Partner organizations and individual volunteers:
    • Consumer Reports
    • Women, Action and the Media (WAM!)